Mea Culpa…. My Apologies…

So apparently I`m not so good at this blogging thing.

In my own defense it has been a hell of a month. The family has all been sick, we have had three funerals to attend, and the extreme weather has induced an equally extreme hibernation mode.

My uncle passed away suddenly on Jan 7th in Florida. He had been quite ill for some time, but had been responding well to treatment. He was feeling much better and stronger so his death came as something of a shock. I spend the next week trying to help my mother, who in turn was trying to help her grieving sister. The process of transporting someone who has died in the States back into Canada is complicated, difficult, and takes in inordinate amount of time. The memorial service took place on the 17th.

Next day my partner and I both woke up with the beginning of what was to be a three week ordeal of coughing, sneezing, runny noses, sore throats, aches, pains, and fatigue. By Feb 4th the baby was sick too. And that was a whole `nother story.

Tuesday she was out of sorts and I was feeling nauseous so I didn`t go to school. Wednesday Oren woke up with a low grade fever. All day her temperature stayed around 99 – 100 degrees F, even with Tylenol. Late afternoon she had a bath, refused dinner, and began to heat up. Over the next few hours her temp climbed higher each time the Tylenol started to wear off. She would not sleep unless she was lying upright on my chest, and even so for only 10 – 15 minutes at a time. She was miserable and wanted to be held continuously. By midnight her temp was 102.7 with Tylenol having almost no effect. I decided to take her to hospital.

In Triage her temp was 38 degrees C. Incredibly the emergency room was not busy and we were quickly seen by a doctor. He glanced in her ears, listened to her chest and decided she had a virus. He ordered a dose of Advil for her. I was told to wait a while to make sure the Advil brought her temp down before leaving. Half an hour later a nurse took Oren`s temp. 40 degrees C! Her temp had gone up to 104 F! The nurse seemed quite concerned, rightly since some children can have fever seizures beginning at 104 degrees. She left and came back a few minutes later with a dose of Tylenol. Then she had me undress Oren and feed her a popsicle. An hour later Oren`s temp was 38.5 C. We were sent home.

I was not impressed, so in the morning I took Oren to see our doctor. He looked in her ears, listened to her chest and said she probably had a virus, but the temp was worrisome. Only taking both Tylenol and Advil continuously was keeping the fever within reason. The doctor sent us to a pediatrician for another opinion. The ped looked in her ears and said she could not see properly due to ear wax. So she cleaned Oren`s ears and looked again. Her ears were red. The ped pinned Oren down and made her yell so she could look at her throat. Her throat was also red. We were sent for blood work, given a prescription for antibiotics, and told to come back in 7-10 days. The follow-up appointment confirmed the infection. Not at all impressed with the hospital.

So Oren slowly got better, began eating and sleeping again, nursing less, and being less demanding. By Valentines Day she was almost normal. The next day was rough.

At 10:30am my daughter texted me to say that her roommate`s brother had died in the night. My daughter lives with friends of my partner and myself so this news was hard for all of us. It was not completely unexpected because the young man had had serious health issues for his entire life, but there had not been any particular reason to believe that his death was immanent. A difficult day.

Then at 10:30pm my daughter texted me to say that her uncle had died. My ex-brother-in-law had been declining since Christmas so his death was not quite as shocking, but it was rather overwhelming to have two people die on the same day, particularly for my daughter.

So we attended one funeral yesterday. The second is tomorrow. That makes three in about a month.

So it has been a hell of a month, not even counting the weather. And the weather has been worse. The extreme cold and snow conditions have left me drained of energy and ambition. Winter makes me lazy at the best of times, but this winter has been the third coldest in the last fifty years.

But – this week has been reading week for me. I have had a chance to catch up on missed school work, to rest, to catch up on house work, and to find myself something new and interesting to focus on. The weather has improved, with temps actually above zero and rain in place of snow. Hopefully life picks up a bit moving into spring.

And I shall try harder to write more often.


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