Better Late Than Never (Part 2)

So, six months(ish) have past since I posted my New Year’s resolutions. Time to check in and see how i’ve done so far.

!. Write a novel

I have actually written some of a novel.  I have a complete outline and rough drafts of three chapters. I am attending the Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City at the beginning of August. I am signed up for a pitch slam in the hopes of finding an agent.

But I haven’t written enough. I need to seriously crack down. Not much point in pitching a half-formed zero draft that might not ever be worth the paper it’s (not) written on.

2. Blog

Clearly I’m not doing so well on this one. I’ll try harder. Again.

3. Obtain my highest grades ever

I did pretty well in my 3 winter term classes. My grade average is 74% over all, and I got 84% in 1st year Linguistics and 80% in 1st year Intermediate French. But I only got 64% in 4th year Greek Comedy. In my defense, it has been many years since I last took a Greek course. I got 50% in 4th year Greek Oratory in the fall term. My greek is very rusty and it took longer than I thought to get back up to speed.

I am now taking 1st year Advanced French in spring term. I’ll let you know in a few weeks how I do.

4. Save, earn, obtain money

Fail. Maybe not entirely. I have managed to pay for my trip to New York. But I’m really just scraping by.

5. Build the life I actually want

Working on it. This is a long term project. Probably very very long.

So that’s my update. I’ll make more effort to fulfill my resolutions and better myself and my life.

How have you done on your New Year’s resolutions?


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