I’m So Excited…

So, I’m going on a trip!

To New York City!

All by myself!

At 3:30 am Friday I get on a train for NYC. 3 days, 2 nights in the Big Apple. All alone, no kids, just me. Wow!

Actually I’m attending the 2014 Writer’s Digest Eastern Writer’s Conference. I have classes, seminars, and talks lined up from 3pm Friday till noon Sunday. Saturday I’m participating in a Pitch Slam and a Cocktail Party/Social Hour. Friday and Saturday evenings I have free time.

I’m pretty excited.

In preparation for this trip I went shopping for clothes and shoes, got a hair cut, and lost 7 pounds. I hate shopping and haven’t bought anything but practicalities for myself in a couple years. Now I have 2 new pairs of shorts, a sun dress, 3 nice summer sweaters with camisoles for underneath, a pair of strappy sandals, and a bathing suit. I also raided my sister’s closet for a few more things she was going to get rid of anyway.

I also hate getting my hair cut. It makes no sense to pay someone $30-50 to hack 6 inches off my hair when all I want is a trim, so I usually just get a friend to trim the ends 3 or 4 times a year. And I colour it myself. This time I paid for a “professional” cut and colour. Not really worth it. The dye still runs heavily after several showers (more so than the stuff I get at Walmart), and I actually wanted A Hair Cut, like cut lots off, give me a bit of style, whatever. I gave the girl carte blanche and all she did was trim and layer.

I’m going Thursday to have it cut again.

The one thing I have not done in preparation for this trip is complete my manuscript. This puts me at a disadvantage for the Pitch Slam, but I don’t really expect to land an agent on my first try. If I’m lucky, some of the agents I see on Saturday might ask me to send them some material. In that case I’ll have to buckle down and write and edit like crazy for a few weeks after the conference to make sure I send something worthwhile.

I have a full outline of my novel, a sketchy outline for a 5 book series, and rough first drafts of several chapters written. I had hoped to have more before now, but between kids, school, life, and lack of self-discipline, time kind of slipped away. I’m not concerned though. This weekend is going to be a great learning experience for me. I have chosen seminars on topics I feel I need work on, and on aspects of publishing I need to understand. Maybe I’ll make some friends among other aspiring novelists or some valuable contacts in the industry.

This is my first foray into the world of publishing and legit professional authorship. Even if I completely fail at pitching my book, the overall experience will be amazing.

Plus I get to explore NYC in my down time. Broadway? I think so.


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